About Solar Power Tech DIY

Here we build, test and review Solar Power Systems. We will make recommendations for products that we have either tested or have had high scores in reviews by others. We will do honest reviews of the products if we find issues or problems we will tell you. Since this is a hobby all of the Affiliate endorsements will go back to testing new products.

About me:

I'm born 1974 and I live in the south of Sweden by lake Vättern. I work in IT as an IT manager for three factorys in Sweden and I have worked in IT for over 15 years. I studied IT and electronics in school and I have always built stuff. Since a couple of years back I love going out on my Mountainbike doing cross country, Trail or down hill (Enduro). I have a Trail bike and it and I love roots and difficult terrain (I do not like asphalt and I can tolerate gravel road some hundred meters or so). Today I take my car to the dedicated MTB tracks and I dream about the day I can take an electrical car.

My big dream and that is having an Sprinter RV that I want to custom make myself with solar and more.. If I ever get the opportunity I will share it on Youtube.

One goal I have is not to be dependent on grid AC power but I need to test some more solar panels and solar chargers before that.


Please note that videos are for educational purpose only and information is subject to change/update at anytime. Electricity can be very DANGEROUS and can kill, so be smart and use common sense.

Affiliate information:

To be able to make this site we use affiliate links to the components we use and to recommended sources and components with good reviews. I will use the kickback to buy more solar stuff to test out and maybe to buy myself a coffee. Most of the links are created with Geniuslink to be able to show you the products nearest to you. Geniuslink is a URL Shortener for Creators and Affiliates that dynamically route users to different destinations based in this case off your geographic location.

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FTC Disclosure Statement:

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